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Stock Reconciliation

Use this option to reconcile your stock on hand against the system counts and update the quantities.  This option works great for a periodic “blind” check of your location’s inventory.  You simply enter the QOH for each item in stock, and the system will generate a discrepancy report by comparing actual data to expected data.

Start by scanning a barcode, or enter a product name, description or tag to search.

Enter the QOH and Add to reconciliation list.

Repeat for all other products.

Click “Reconcile and Update” once all products have been added.

At this point, system will generate a discrepancy file and email it to admin.

Click “History” to view details on previous reconciliations.

Sometimes, you may get interrupted when reconciling and may need to “pause” the session and continue at a later time.  If that occurs, click “Save & Continue Later”.  When you are ready to work on this process again, go back to Stock Reconciliation module and continue from the point where you left off.


Updated on October 9, 2018

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