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Managing Cash Registers

As mentioned in the previous section, you can enable Cash Registers to track cash for the day and the shift.  You can have multiple registers in a location and track transactions for each register separately.  You can Open the register at start of the shift, and Close it when it ends.  Any cash discrepancy is tracked and reported.  You can also attach credit card processing terminals to each register.

  • Add Cash – You can use the Add Cash option to replenish the register balance if needed (ex: a large cash refund needs to be made). Use the Add Cash link on top-right.  The cash-balance is automatically updated with the deposit amount.
  • Petty Cash Expenses – Any petty cash expenses can be recorded in the system and reflect on the Cash Drawer report.
  • Cash Drops – Anytime cash is removed from the drawer for Cash-drops, Bank-deposits, etc., it can be entered using the Withdraw Cash button on the top-right to adjust the cash balance.
  • Blind Cash Reconciliation – We recommend Blind Cash reconciliation option for all Cashier-level staff when closing the register.  When this setting is enabled, the user is not able to see available cash balance when closing the register.  If any discrepancy is detected, an email alert is generated and sent to the admin.
Updated on October 9, 2018

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