Sales Reports

View all Sales & Payment related data.

Sales Summary

This report provides Sales data in a summary format for the selected date range.  It also provides Cost of Goods, Gross Profit and Gross Margin data for a clear understanding of how your business is performing.  Use the “Compare” type report to view how sales are trending over a given time-frame – ex: you can compare weekly sales over last 12 weeks and analyze sales and profit trends.  The report can be also made for a specific product, or groups of products.

Payment Summary        

This report provides totals for each tender-type collected for the selected date range.  The %age share is also displayed for each tender-type, indicating customer payment preferences.  You can also use the “Compare” option to see payment patterns over a large time-frame.

Sales Details     

See line item details for each transaction, for the selected date range.

Open Invoices  

This report lists all transactions that are not fully-paid yet.  Customer contact info is included on the report.

Cash Drawer Details      

View all Cash-related transactions, Starting Balance and Ending Balance for the selected date-range.  This report can be filtered for each cash register or employee for auditing purposes.  Each transaction is time-stamped and linked to the user and register where it was completed.

Updated on February 12, 2019

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