Make a New Sale

  • Open the Sales window from main menu
  • Scan a product code, or look it up by name, description or tag
  • Or go to Groups view, and click or tap the product
  • If selling multiple units of an item, clicking/tapping the image will increment the quantity by 1.  You can also click on the EDIT icon next to the item to change the Qty and Retail Price
  • Continue to add additional items as needed
  • Click PAY button to start the checkout process
  • Select the tender-type with which the customer is making the payment.  You can split the payment over multiple tender-types, and even multiple credit-cards.  If your access-level allows, an invoice can be saved with a partial- or no-payment.
  • To post an amount, enter it in “Amount Received” field under the tender-type and click ADD button.
  • If you are using integrated credit-card processing feature from Verve, you will see a PROCESS button when paying by Credit-card.  Clicking it will process customer credit-card and provide an Approved/Declined message.  If Approved, you can capture customer e-signature on an integrated device.
  • Check/Uncheck the PRINT/EMAIL option for invoice and click SAVE INVOICE button.
Updated on October 9, 2018

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