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This page provides business reporting in easy to understands graphs, charts and reports.  The main dashboard has several components that you can modify to view the data as needed.

Location and Date-filter allows you to select a specific location or view the companywide data for any time-frame.  Changing the Location and Date-filter updates the data for the entire dashboard instantly.

Snapshot data on top provides important metrics of Net Sales, Profit, Inventory Value and Cash on hand.

The first graph provides Sales and Profit data for the selected date-range, then provides a comparison with data from prior month and year.

The pie-chart shows the Group-level contribution towards Sales & Profit, giving you a clear picture on where a bulk of your revenue is getting generated.

Below this section, you can view Top 10 Products and Top 5 Employees that generate most Sales & Profits for you, again providing you with a critical insight for making business decisions.

The Reports menu can be accessed from the footer. 

Updated on February 12, 2019

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